This Halloween may have already come and gone, but I discovered a neat little trick you’ll want to try next Halloween, next school pageant, or the next time your kiddo needs a costume fast: a no-sew tiger costume that anyone can make and won’t break your budget.
All you need is an orange shirt or sweatshirt, iron-on black fabric, scissors and an iron. If you already have an orange article of clothing, then you’re in luck! You can also adjust this with simple color and pattern changes. Black and white makes an awesome zebra costume, tan with black spots can create a fierce cheetah, you name it!
Start by laying out one sheet of iron-on fabric and draw some rough stripe outlines on the back with a chalk pencil. Cut out the first sheet and lay them out on the sweatshirt to see how the sizes look. Think about arrangement and placement; I worked my way back and forth placing a few stripes, then drawing new shapes to fill in the blanks.
Follow the directions for your particular brand of iron-on fabric for application method and time. The Bondex I was using said to press firmly for 30 seconds. If the strip was long, I would do it in two sections. If I was ready with multiple pieces in place at once, I’d iron them all at the same time and use a stopwatch to keep time.
Note: If you are sensitive to chemicals, make sure to do this with your windows open!
I spent about $20 on the black iron-on fabric (meant to be used as patches for mending), and they were perfect for my toddler’s sweatshirt. I only used three and a half of the five, 6.5” x 14” pieces that I purchased. I bought tiger ears and a little face paint to finish up the look.
Ultimately, I was very pleased and thought it came out looking very professional. With two babies, I couldn’t’ imagine sewing a full costume this year, but was excited to make a little something that would make my guy stand out. My son loved his sweatshirt and I’m pretty sure he’ll be wearing it on a regular basis!

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