Summer is in full swing and so is my appetite for ice cream! Soft, hard, store-bought or homemade, I friggin’ love the stuff and I am not even picky about flavors or toppings. Calories aside, the one road block I have in consuming ice cream every day of the summer season is the fact that my husband in lactose intolerant AND he either hates or won’t even try all the different kinds of milk I make at home. But the guy does love bananas and those bad boys make a pretty mean ice cream in just a few short steps.

Banana Ice Cream Recipe

To make banana ice cream in the Baby Bullet, simply slice 1 ripe banana into chunks or coins and freeze for at least two hours. Once frozen, put the sliced banana chunks into your Baby Bullet and begin blending. Stop blending every thirty seconds to take a look at the consistency, as the blended bananas will first look like cookie batter, then like banana baby food, and will finally begin to resemble soft serve. At this point in the process, add in any toppings, flavorings, or other ingredients. I recommend peanut butter and chocolate chips, pumpkin pie filling and cinnamon chips, rum and a handful or raisins, no-bake chocolate chip cookie batter, honey and granola, or just a teaspoon of vanilla extract, to give you a few ideas. Give the mixture another quick blend, simply to disperse ingredients, and then scoop the ice cream into a freezer-safe dish and refreeze for about an hour. If you are impatient like me, you can eat it right away, it just is softer than actual ice cream.
With each serving only adding up to about 100 calories, those of you who love the summer evening ritual of ice cream can indulge yourself guilt-free! Now, that’s is something for us to go bananas about!

Bullet Banana Ice Cream

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