🥇Best Magic Baby Bullet Blender

Magic Bullet Baby Bullet Baby Care System
  • Make an entire week's worth of healthy, nutritional baby food in less than 5 minutes. BPA free. Non-toxic plastic. No phthalates
  • Includes power base, batch bowl, baby blend blade, milling blade, easy pop silicone batch tray
  • 6-date dial storage cups, spatula, 1 short cup, 1 stay fresh resealable lid and tip proof tray, user manual and recipe book, pocket nutritionist. Base dimensions: 4.25 inch diameter x 5.625 inch height
  • Make and store baby food in batches with batch tools and the handy, dated storage system
  • Product Built to North American Electrical Standards

Whether you’re a crunchy granola mama, a helicopter parent, or practice free-range parenting, the Magic Bullet Baby Bullet is something you’ll possibly find yourself checking out at some point in the infant food procedure.

Certainly buying containers of child food is much easier as well as absolutely faster than making infant food on your own, however if you’re asking how beneficial the Magic Bullet is as well as exactly how often you’ll actually use it, I can say with assurance that if you stay with the idea of making your very own child food, then it may be the most effective tool you can buy to help you. It’s additionally not a dreadful price, being available in at $80 on Amazon.

Do not get me wrong– I am absolutely in the camp of uncovering these big parenting jobs or concepts as well as starting them, just to recognize just how much effort and time is included and also enabling them to gradually blow over.

As a parent, I obtain that a lot. However if you recognize the advantages of making your very own infant food and actually understanding what’s going into your child’s food, the moment and also initiative you invest is well worth it. As well as honestly, the Magic Baby Bullet could be precisely what you need to assist you along the way.

Some could say that you can likewise make child food with any other mixers that work the very same, as well as somehow, that’s properly true.

And also when I tried out the Magic Baby Bullet myself, there were both good and bad facets of devoting your baby food endeavors to the Magic Baby Bullet alone.

What Does the Baby Bullet Promise?

  • Makes Baby Food In Five Minutes (EASY): The Magic Baby Bullet asserts to not only make healthier as well as fresher infant food, yet additionally allow you to set, blend as well as create your homemade baby strong foods in five mins. That might be a little overstated considering that several containers of baby food is going to take longer than 5 minutes if you include storage space and lids, etc., however they’re not wrong in that the Baby Bullet does help make baby food quicker as a whole.
  • Shops Individual Containers Of Baby Food: The Magic Baby Bullet System comes with a collection of six individual infant food jars with covers that have dials to place in an expiration date. The jars also come on a tray that they fit into snuggly, enabling you to be able to save the tray in your refrigerator up until that cycle of baby food is ended up. The real system can reduce counter space about various other food precessor and also blender choices.
  • Makes Different Types Of Baby Food: With the blend blade, you can slice as well as mix various fruits and vegetables, and with the milling blade, you’re able to batch mill harder foods like grains, raw veggies or oats and make different oat meals or baby-safe rice pudding sorts of infant food.
  • Abides By Different Baby Food Stages: According to the Magic Baby Bullet internet site, the Bullet has the capacity to make different sorts of baby food at each phase. For phase one, with the initial intro of pureed foods, the Baby Bullet can provide the devices to develop basic blended vegetable and fruit dishes. When your child awaits stage two, you can after that add even more complex tastes to every various other in the Bullet, as well as for stage 3, you can just pulse food until it’s still beefy but not too big for your kid.
  • Offers You Baby Food Faster And Cheaper: The Magic Baby Bullet additionally asserts to make it possible for you to make child food “10 times much faster, 10 times less expensive, and also 10 times healthier” than the child food you would usually buy at the shop. For some, it might take a bit longer than others to master making your own child food, yet it’s absolutely one of those things that you can improve at if you in fact stay with it.

Does the Baby Bullet Actually Work?

  • It Can Be Time Consuming: I like to feed my baby healthy food equally as much as the next mama, however truthfully, despite having something like the Magic Baby Bullet, making your own child food can obtain lengthy (consisting of team to tidy). That doesn’t always suggest there’s anything incorrect with the Bullet itself, however perhaps more so with dealing with the entire act of making baby food as a whole.
  • It Takes A While To Get The Right Consistency: The first time I tried to make baby food, I ended up with what was basically orange juice in each of the little baby food containers. It took a little experimentation to get the correct consistency, but it’s not very easy.
  • There Is Still A Struggle To Get The Right Flavors: Just since you have the recipes and also devices to make infant food on your own, it does not necessarily mean that your child is mosting likely to magically love all foods now. No, they will still turn up their little noses at new preferences, making you need to work at finding the right flavors.
  • It Might Become Less Useful After A Few Months: While the Magic Baby Bullet says that it allows you to make infant food for every food phase of your infant, all of us know that earlier as opposed to later on, your infant will certainly intend to begin consuming little chunks of diced up foods. And also when that takes place, every one of those containers for food preparation could not be as welcome as before.
  • But It Gives You Peace Of Mind: Still, at the minimum, having the ability to make your own infant food gives you the prompt understanding of what’s entering into what your infant is eating. Instead of lots of sugars and components that you can not also pronounce, you can feel much more secure with the spinach and also fresh fruits you mix with each other.
  • As Well As It Helps Make Realistic Baby Food Serving Sizes: With a regular blender, you might be entrusted to a significant pitcher loaded with infant food that your kid could not also consume. With the Magic Baby Bullet, you can make smaller parts of different points to give your baby a variety and not throw away anything on your part.

Final Thought: Baby Bullet Review

I wouldn’t say that I’m a fair-weather DIY mama, yet I recognize my limits as well as when it involves making my very own infant food, I’m never ever going to be a super mother. Nevertheless, with the Baby Bullet and all that it does to help you make baby food, it’s difficult not to jump on the organic, self-made infant food train. Awhile, at the very least.

With all that the Baby Bullet uses, including the dish book and child food containers and silicone popsicle tray, you truly can’t beat the bargain.

Even if it’s something that you wind up making use of for just a couple of months, the peace of mind that you get from making your child’s food entirely from scratch is nearly priceless. And relying on how much you’ve spent on jarred infant food, you’ll also conserve in the future by purchasing your very own fruits and vegetables to baby puree with the Baby Bullet, devoid of any type of preservatives or chemicals.

Despite what kind of moms and dad you are, the possibility of making your very own infant food will likely show up at some time throughout those months before your child isn’t a lot of an infant anymore. As well as if you choose to go through with the baby food making adventure, then the Baby Bullet is mosting likely to be your best option to get the job done. It has the very same reliability as the Magic Bullet, but concentrated 100% on baby food.

However please, from one worn parent to an additional, do not stress out over your infant food making skills drawing the very first few times around. If nothing else, you’ll have some smoothie mix-ins on your own prior to you get it right. So generally, it’s a win-win situation throughout.

Our Analysis and Test Results

The Baby Bullet system features a set container and individual storage mugs with flexible date signs on the lid. It also has a spatula as well as a freezer storage space container.
The Baby Bullet system features a set container and also specific storage mugs with flexible date indications on the lid. It also has a spatula and also a fridge freezer storage container.
Baby Bullet, LLC is a subdivision of Homeland Housewares, LLC residence of the original Magic Bullet made popular by late-night TV paid announcements. The business makes a range of variations of the Bullet under various names with somewhat various handles the original Magic Bullet, consisting of Nutri Bullet, and also Party Bullet. Baby Bullet LLC major objective is to make your life easier with everyday items for your residence that are good quality and also a good value.

Performance Comparison

The comparison chart revealed listed below consists of the total scores for each and every product checked in this testimonial consisting of the Baby Bullet (in blue). With a first place ranking, it is very easy to see why the Bullet made an Editor’s Choice award.

Baby Bullet 86
Puree and Blend 84
Cuisinart BFM-1000 68
BEABA Babycook 55
Baby Brezza Complete 53
Babymoov Nutribaby 53

The areas listed below supply details on how the Bullet did contrasted to the competition during screening.

Puree Quality.

The Bullet made a 9 of 10 for puree quality. This score is a high for the metric with the Sage Spoonfuls Puree as well as Blend and the Cuisinart BFM-1000 both earning eights.

Baby Bullet 9
Cuisinart BFM-1000 8
Puree and Blend 8
Babymoov Nutribaby 5
BEABA Babycook 5
Baby Brezza Complete 4

The Bullet is a puree only item so it’s a good thing it does it well. You will certainly require to precook most foods prior to placing them right into the Bullet, however we believe range top steaming is commonly simpler to manage with less parts to clean than the all-in-one infant food makers we tested.

The Bullet features 2 different blending blades. One for pureeing food and also one for making smooth grains.
With dual blades for various types of foods, this little giant mixes food smoothly and equally every time. We suched as that the Bullet can blend constantly for smoother initial foods or it can pulse to produce chunkier food for older babies. And also the grain blade is among the only we evaluated that truly produces smooth cereals without excessive undamaged grains or pasta in the end product.

The Bullet managed all of our 21 test foods with loved one simplicity, even blending meat that blender or food processors simply shredded. While this mixer had problem with the roughage type of foods like kale and broccoli, it did create a smoother blend than any one of the competitors. In general, the uniformity of the puree was foreseeable and also most foods were smooth enough for child’s first foods.

Ease of Use

The Bullet gained an 8 of 10 connecting with the Sage Spoonfuls Puree and Blend for convenience of use. The Bullet is straightforward, straightforward as well as easy to use out of the box.

Baby Bullet 8
Puree and Blend 8
Baby Brezza Complete 7
Cuisinart BFM-1000 7
BEABA Babycook 6
Babymoov Nutribaby 4

For convenience of use, we consider how intuitive an item is to use as well as whether you will certainly require to continue to review the guidebook to utilize it. While the Bullet features a selection of components as well as pieces you just need to construct 2 components to puree the blade base and the food mug. It additionally just has one setting so there are no fears of picking the wrong setup, the wrong cook time, or putting together the parts improperly.

There is no demand for a manual to remember how to blend your baby’s food making use of the Bullet. Add food to the mug screw on the blade base as well as press it right into the base to puree.
There is no demand for a handbook to keep in mind exactly how to blend your infant’s food using the Bullet. Include food to the cup, screw on the blade base and also press it right into the base to puree.
You will need to pre-cook your food, however mixing is a fast procedure with an electric motor that can be run up to a minute without a pause. parents have the choice of a single offering mug of 2 ounces or a set dish that stands up to four cups so you can make more than one dish. Blending is quick as well as basic by adding food to the cup, screwing on the blade bottom as well as pressing down on the base. If the food is thick or does not have sufficient fluid you will certainly need to eliminate the mug and shake it to finish the puree.

Health and wellness.

The Bullet made a 9 of 10 for health and wellness, linking with the Sage Spoonfuls Puree and also Blend.

Baby Bullet 9
Puree and Blend 9
Babymoov Nutribaby 8
Baby Brezza Complete 6
BEABA Babycook 5
Cuisinart BFM-1000 4

While the food container is constructed from plastic, which we aren’t big followers of, child’s food is not warmed in plastic and also therefore has much less threat of being subjected to chemicals that could seep. If you make infant’s food and feed it quickly it also isn’t sitting in plastic for extended periods of time. The container is BPA-free plastic and we really did not experience any kind of residual non-food taste in child’s food despite the very first usage.

The Bullet has no problems of mold, corrosion, or other potentially harmful points hiding or expanding in parts you can not see. Every one of the components are revealed, open, as well as simple to check for tidiness. Because there is no heavy steam container there is no problem for covert locations or descaling.

The Bullet additionally has a security mechanism that stops it from being used unless the container is firmly secured place on the base. Also, without heavy steam, there is no problem for steam related burns.

Regardless of how untidy the Baby Bullet becomes it is easy to wash clean and is dish washer risk-free or hand washable.
Despite exactly how messy the Baby Bullet becomes, it is easy to wash tidy and also is dishwasher risk-free or hand washable.

Ease of Cleaning.

The Bullet gained an 8 of 10 for convenience of cleansing. This score is the high rating for the group and once more ties with the Sage Spoonfuls Puree and also Blend.

Puree and Blend 9
Baby Bullet 8
Cuisinart BFM-1000 7
BEABA Babycook 6
Babymoov Nutribaby 5
Baby Brezza Complete 4

The Bullet only has 2 parts to tidy if you make a one serving set. Both components can be positioned in the dishwashing machine or hand cleaned and also there are no unique tools needed, though a bottle brush will certainly make the hand cleaning less complicated. Also, due to the fact that there is no steam storage tank you do not need to bother with descaling or natural resource. As well as unlike a few of the all-in-one products where you can’t access the container, there is nowhere for mold and mildew and also germs to hide.

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