You Can Do WHAT with Cauliflower?!

When friends of mine approach me to say, “Oh my god, I just did ___ with cauliflower and it tasted amazing!” I reply, “Welcome to the wonderful world of cauliflower.”

By the way, if you hate cauliflower, stop reading here.

This is for those of you who either love or like the taste of cauliflower and are looking for healthy alternatives to some of your standard favorites. I’ll admit, I was a non-believer at one point. But then I replaced potatoes with cauliflower and life changed for the better.

For those of you from the Paleo persuasion, you’ve probably already discovered cauliflower rice. Just place your cauliflower chunks in your Baby Bullet and pulse until they’re broken down into rice-size pieces. You can even do two heads of cauliflower and freeze whatever’s left over, just make sure not to over-process it.

I’ve actually fooled people who declare they hate cauliflower by feeding them garlic mashed potatoes…. minus the potatoes. I’ve made it multiple ways—sometimes with parmesan, sometimes with a non-dairy creamer. You can play around with the spices depending on your preferences. But when made right, you seriously can’t tell the difference between this and the real thing.

Feeling frisky? Here’s an article that shows all kinds of TOTALLY LUDICROUS AND INNOVATIVE ways of using cauliflower. There’s a long, laundry list of reasons to incorporate this vegetable into your diet: it fights cancer, boosts heart-health, contains anti-inflammatory properties. If you have a recipe that you swear by, post it in the comments!



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