Work Out While They Play

Work out while your kiddos play. This is a new sentence I am saying to myself while taking my daughter to the park. Especially going to a park on those beautiful days. Sure being at the park makes for a perfect chance to crack open that book or just relax while they play their little heart away but, lately I am trying a new concept. Throwing on a pair of yoga pants, sports bra, and tennis shoes, and walking to the park. While we are there I follow her around doing high kicks. I notice she think it’s really funny that mommy is playing along side of her. What she doesn’t know is that I am out of breath doing those high kicks and butt kicks. Every time she goes down the slide and back up again. There I am trying to maintain my breathing while doing jumping jacks. This is just something I thought would be great while she plays. I am helping my heart and my energy levels. All while praying I am toning and losing weight.

I already feel an improvement. When we get home I actually have energy to make dinner. She is exhausted too from playing at the park. I have noticed the irritability, and the screeching noises from boredom are less from her in the house and bed time. Most days, (and I think we all feel like this) we don’t make time for ourselves. Being a parent comes first and we forget about ourselves. Sure the laundry is piling up. When I start to feel┬álike this I tell myself, “you will not be the best parent if you don’t do something for yourself that makes you feel happy.” It’s being mindful of you! And if things are piling up. Communication is my key to you. Ask your friends, ask family, be specific of what your partner can do to help you. So you can do YOU! Exercise is that thing for me right now, and lets be honest a slice of pizza every now and then too.
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