The Unicorn Trend

While sifting through the news a couple weeks ago, I noticed an odd headline: New Starbucks Unicorn Frappachino is blowing the internet’s mind. Then I saw all of my friends posting photos of said drink, along with a brief review. And I couldn’t help but think that whether you were annoyed by the Unicorn Frap craze or completely in love with it, the multicolored sensation was a nice diversion from some of the heavier news headlines these days.

Would you believe that “unicorn” food and drinks are trending right now? Yup. This is a thing. According to the New York Times, “Unicorn food” is any food item jazzed up with dye or cute accessories like fruit cut into little shapes or mountains of pastel marshmallows. But if frappuccino’s aren’t your thing, here are a couple of other brightly colored ideas to light up your day.

  1. The Unicorn Bagel: created by “The Bagel Store” in Brooklyn, NY, the process of rolling this out is quite long and involved…. but it’s also totally mesmerizing. Watch the video here.
  2. The Unicorn Latte: Also based in Brooklyn, NY, the Aussie owned shop “The End” created this unicorn latte. According to Refinery 29, it’s “a blend of blue-green algae (which gives this libation its signature shade), lemon, ginger, honey, and coconut milk, making it a vegan option for those looking to get their ethereal caffeine fix.” You can find the recipe here.
  3. Unicorn Poop Truffles. Got a sense of humor? Try this unicorn poop recipe for a brightly colored, hilarious treat that’s sure to get the kids snickering.

Can’t stand unicorn food? Check out the Sci Babe’s article on goth ice cream. Tag line: “Finally a flavor as dark as your soul.” You can put rainbow sprinkles on it, but then it’s definitely not as ominous.




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