The Letter That Won My Home

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to the current owners of our new house in an effort for them to accept our offer. I share this with the world because:

  1. Our home is what shapes us from our earliest years.
  2. Everyone should have a good home.
  3. For families who move a lot, especially those in the military, I know you will get how big of a deal this is.
  4. I’m super proud of this letter that won us our 1st home.

This morning I drove through snowy streets to glimpse inside your home. This is what I learned: the people who owned Cedar Run put love into this place. And I knew then that I would need to draft this letter to you.

Just as you allowed us a glimpse inside your home, I’d like to offer you a glimpse at who we are beyond just what you see on the paper. My husband and I have known each other for 16 years, and have been married for 7. We have two young children (a boy and a girl). My daughter is 7 and has lived in 7 homes. She is well accustomed to living out of a suitcase; it’s just a “fact of life.”

I’m part of an elite Presidential Support unit permanently stationed in this region at the Washington Navy Yard. Suddenly the concept of “creating roots” became a reality. Yet here we are, January 2015, and my family is packing up yet again and frankly, we didn’t want to rent again. So it’s back to the suitcases.

My daughter inquired to me in the car yesterday, “Mommy… does moving out of our home mean we have to start all over again?”

I gripped the steering wheel and grimaced. She’s thinking of all the friends she’s made in all the places she’s lived in, and all the classes she’s taken, all the teachers and family she’s had to say goodbye to. “Yes, but the next home we live in, I promise… it will be the last.”

In the last two months, we have looked at upward of 30 homes. We’ve searched high and low to find the right space. Some of the places were in sad disarray, bug infested, or some were lovely, but simply “not right.” Friends and family told us that when we walked into the right home, we would just know it.

Well, that happened this morning, when we walked through your front door. I called my father (a retired architect) and said, “Dad, I found it.”

Learning there were multiple offers on the table isn’t surprising. It’s tough enough to find a house. It’s even tougher to find a “home” such as you have created. I cannot say that we are any more or less deserving than the other offers. But for this opportunity, we graciously thank you for your consideration.



About Maia Rodriguez

"Military Mom" Maia Rodriguez was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but that was about twenty homes ago. After graduating from Syracuse University with a BFA in Musical Theater, she traveled just about everywhere in the country, lived in a green turtle-like tent for 6 months, toured and slept in the back of her van and even worked in Japan for a year. Then she met her husband who tamed her (ha!) and they embarked together on the adventure of parenthood in southern California where she worked as a professional pirate. Now, two children later, the family currently resides in VIrginia, where she sings for the US Navy as a vocalist. When she’s not mothering, she’s writing music for "Evernight," singing and writing for the Baby Bullet Blog.

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