Thanksgiving Puree Pairings

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Sometimes, the best movies need the best supporting characters. And it’s no different with your Thanksgiving meal. While the turkey may be the main event, consider the quick “whip together” options that you don’t have to sweat over. Even better, all these choices qualify to be made ahead of time, which makes them winners in my book!

Maple Sweet Potato Puree

  • Why it works: Not only can it be made in advance, but sweet potatoes are an expected dish for Thanksgiving dinner. (Grandma Mary judge you harshly if it’s absent). Anyone of any age can eat them, and when paired with maple syrup, it can practically be a dessert.

Cranberry Apple Chutney

  • Why it works: This recipe by Weelicious offers great options for the tiny eater in the family. Start your babe off of training holiday cuisine early. The staple for this piece is using a grated apple for flavor and a cinnamon stick for flavor. Added benefit: this one’s not just for the babies.

Squash Soup

  • Why it works:  Another one that all can enjoy, any butternut squash can be roasted in the oven alongside sweet potatoes. The puree’ process couldn’t be simpler, and if you prefer a slightly different flavor, feel free to add your own adjustments.

Broccoli Puree’ with Creme Fraiche

  • Why it works:  While this one is only for the wee ones, it’s on the list because it can be made well in advance and then frozen. Just defrost and serve on the big holiday.




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