Teaching Through Imagination

My two-and-half year old toddler is becoming very imaginative. It’s amazing to sit back and watch her play with her favorite Paw Patrol figures, interacting with them as if they had jumped right out of the TV screen. She knows all their names, goes on adventures, and rescues her perilous farm animal toys from the mountains of pillows on our couch. She also loves for myself or husband to take one of her toys and talk to her in a cute animated voice. We can hold conversations for what feels like hours.
“What did you do in day care today?” I’ll ask in a cute puppy dog voice. “I played with Charlotte, ate snacks, and went night night,” she’ll respond. As we continue our fun play-time discussion, I’ll spot other stuffed animals and ask her what color they are. If she forgets a color, it’s easy to correct her as her focus is truly locked in on the stuffed animal I’m voicing. She’ll normally correct herself with a laugh, followed by, “oh, I’m sorry.”

My husband took it to a new level of teaching while bathing her. He would voice one of her classic rubber duckies, in a very inaudible Donald Duck accent, and would ask our daughter to help teach the duck a word or a phrase, such as, “brush your teeth.” She would laugh hysterical at the duck’s attempt to say “brush your teeth,” and would then phonetically say each word clearly to the duck. Of course, my husband would drag it on a few times before the duck would finally annunciate “brush your teeth.” Every time the duck repeated a phrase or word correctly, she would let out the happiest squeal, followed by an excited, “Yay!” She would have so much fun listing off her night time routine to the duck, that we would have to add more warm water to the bath.

This fun method works great for teaching the alphabet, counting, shapes, food, singing, etc. Maybe that’s why kids love Sesame Street. Puppets and stuffed animals are so much more fun to learn from.



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