Buzz and the Dandelions

A beautiful display of a baby enjoying a dandelion – watch this and try not to laugh!

Baby Laughs at Mom Eating Chips

Hawaiian Snapper Puree

Fish is such a wonderful protein for babies, but most parents are intimidated to cook it for their little ones. Even as a child, the only time we had fish was when it was cooked under the broiler and it stunk up the whole house (sorry, Mom)! Most white fish have a more mellow flavor and can […]

Silly Baby Loves Remote Control

Ahh, it’s the little things in life! A bright, colorful flower, your favorite song, or a remote control… Don’t you wish you had the same excitement and discovery babies get to experience on a daily basis? This video is a prime example – is it the buttons? The colors? The shapes and numbers? Whatever it is […]

Baby’s First LOL

This is the happiest first laugh we’ve ever witnessed! This baby cannot stop and you’ll be giggling right along with Dad as he experiences his baby’s first laugh. What a preciously hilarious moment!

To the Boys Who May One Day Date My Daughter…

Funny, sweet, full of passion and, for the boys: an absolute must-watch, this video will reaffirm your belief in the supportiveness and positivity of dads (who don’t get nearly enough credit!) and make you laugh out loud. Get ready,  Boys.

Dad Finds Out He’s Going to be a Grandpa

If your Friday isn’t off to the best start, this video will turn things right around! Jessica Hickey posted this video to Reddit and it will absolutely be the sweetest thing you see today. We dare you not to tear up. Congrats to the new parents and grandfather!

From Bump to Buzz

Time lapse videos are all the buzz right now, but few document the amazing weeks leading up to the birth of a child, and even less are scored by original music performed by the soon-to-be dad. It sounds too sweet to be true, but watch the video below for a pretty fantastic 9 months summed […]

Baby’s First Car Wash

It’s amazing how many firsts we take for granted. This little guy probably won’t remember his first car wash, but it will live on in the history books! Do you remember your first car wash?

Jackson Cries in the Car

Has your little one ever been moved to tears while watching television, reading a book, or listening to a song? Sometimes, young children are unable to express the deep emotions they feel because they often are too young to understand what exactly they’re feeling or why. When that happens, sometimes you just gotta let it […]