Homemade Paper Valentine’s Cards

This year for my son’s first ever Valentine’s Day exchange, I wanted to do Valentine’s the way I made them as a kid. None of those store-bought, tear-apart cards that are basically just advertisements for cartoon characters – I’m talking the real deal! It’s a fun activity for the kids, and even a fun, therapeutic […]

Season of Love

This Valentine’s Day, the new parent might be feeling a little sleep deprived, a tad frustrated and a bit ridden with new anxieties. Little things become big deals, like “How do I get out the door on time?” or “Can I call into work again today because my baby’s sick?” Here are a few parental […]

DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

So, there is A LOT going on in my life right now and money is getting pretty tight. I stuck to the January Money Diet, as we are COMMITTED to moving this spring (play room, play room, play room!) and our dog just had to have a torn ACL repaired to the tune of $4,000. […]

Make Every Day Valentine’s Day

We are in the throes of an Arctic blast here in Massachusetts! In fact, the temperature was -14 when I left the house for work this morning. It is so cold that my hair actually froze while I was walking from my car into school today. My hair was soaking wet for one simple reason: […]

Friendship Lemon Tarts for Valentine’s Day

We are officially less than a week away from Valentine’s Day and the onslaught of recipes featuring raspberry red, strawberry pink and chocolate — the colors and flavors of love and passion — has begun. While I love rosy hues and chocolaty treats, I thought I’d take a moment to celebrate yellow, the color of […]