How About a Road Trip?

Okay, bags are packed and it’s time to double check the packing list. Toothbrush, check. Snacks for the baby, check. Diapers, check. Wipes, check. It’s inevitable that the car is going to get messy—we’ll be crammed in there for 5-6 hours. So, back to the list. Toys, check. Plush animals, check. Crayons, check. Shoes, check. […]

When Your Child Gets Sick While Traveling

Planning is everything when you take a trip, especially when you have a child. When you’re on the road (or in a plane, train or boat) it’s important to be prepared for the possibility that illness may strike any family member. It’s hard enough managing your child being ill at home—it’s even more challenging when you’re away! […]

Why Family Outings Can Actually Be a Great Thing

Yes, it’s the dreaded outing. I start to get nervous the moment I put my daughter Elle in her car seat. She hates it. We get 5 minutes down the road and she starts crying and screaming. I try everything. The only thing that seems to work is when the dog travels with us. Whether it’s […]

Fast Food Blues

I’ve figured out the childhood obesity problem. No, really. Last week my family and I drove across the country, relocating from Virginia Beach to San Diego. It was many days and many nights of hotel rooms and fast food. For a bunch of healthy eaters, it proved extremely challenging to find anything edible for our […]

Eating Healthy While on The Road

The dog days of summer are upon us, which means it’s time to hit the road! Whether you’re taking a road trip, camping, or boarding a plane, feeding your family on the go can be a challenge. I know! Having just returned from a trip myself, I was reminded of how hard it can be […]

Holiday Travel Tips: Getting Junior (and Yourself) to Your Holiday Destination in One Piece

Headed on a family getaway over the Holidays? Don’t worry…traveling with your little ones doesn’t have to make you want to raid the hotel minibar upon arrival. Here are the best ways to avoid meltdowns en route (yes, moms and dads…that means you, too): We’re all about the Scout motto: Be Prepared! Here are a few […]