Traveling with Children with Allergies Over the Holidays

Traveling over the holidays is stressful enough, but if your child has food allergies, planning ahead with a solid strategy will help you enjoy the holidays more. Here are some tips to survive travel, in keeping with the current recommendations of the American Academy of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology. BEFORE YOU GET ON THE PLANE, […]

My First International Flight with 2 Toddlers

This year, we had a lot of anxiety leading up to our first ever international flight with two children under the age of 4. We weren’t just going international, but actually crossing over the date-line. I used to think that 6-10 hour flights were long, but 15 hours and 40 minutes to the Philippines? Plus TSA […]

How About a Road Trip?

Okay, bags are packed and it’s time to double check the packing list. Toothbrush, check. Snacks for the baby, check. Diapers, check. Wipes, check. It’s inevitable that the car is going to get messy—we’ll be crammed in there for 5-6 hours. So, back to the list. Toys, check. Plush animals, check. Crayons, check. Shoes, check. […]

Baby’s First Flight

Call us brave, I don’t know, but we survived our first flight from Los Angeles to New York with a toddler and a 7-month-old. I tried reading up on all the different tips beforehand and we settled on keeping our load lighter, rather than over-preparing for every possible scenario. We checked 3 bags and carried […]

Doctor’s Advice: Travel

Daniela: I am taking my 9 month old baby to New York; it’s her 1st visit in the cold. Are there extra precautions I should take? Dr. JJ: Take a peek at the travel tips we posted here and here. These will help you with the logistics. As far as coping with the cold, it’s […]

Dr. JJ’s Travel Tips Part 2

Traveling with the little ones this holiday season? Traveling is a big enough pain; be sure to follow these holiday tips to avoid any extra annoyances. Click here for Part 1 of Dr. JJ’s Travel Tips. • Remember to pack some light snacks for your tots or older children. Babies will do well with nursing […]

Dr. JJ’s Travel Tips

Headed on a family getaway over the holidays? Don’t worry, traveling with your little ones doesn’t guarantee meltdowns, especially if you are well-prepared! Here are a few simple, but tried-and-true basics to help ensure smooth sailing (flying, sailing, road tripping) in the future: • Before you travel, make sure your children’s vaccinations are up to […]