Doctor’s Advice: Transitioning to Solids

Rachelle: My son just turned a year old and he is having trouble transitioning from purées to solids. He will pick at solids and eat minimally, so his sleep pattern has done a number and I’m just concerned that he isn’t eating enough and that he is still heavily reliant on formula. Any advice would […]

Doctor’s Advice: Fussy Two-Year-Old

Jasper H.: My two-year-old isn’t listening to me. He ignores me constantly at the Toddler and Me class we attend together. It angers me for obvious reasons, but it also worries me. What happens if I need his attention because he is in danger? Have any advice? Dr. JJ: Two is a tough age because […]

Tea for Tots

All About Tea for Tots As the weather gets cooler, I find myself pouring more and more cups of warm tea—for myself and my kids, too. That’s right! My kids drink tea. Non-caffeinated, of course. But still: I’ve gotten so many strange looks about serving my kids tea that I finally had to look into […]