Doctor’s Advice: When Should My Little One Try His First Food and More

When should my little one try his first food? In 2 weeks, it’ll be time for my LO to try his first food. I’m so excited, yet terrified about screwing it up. I plan on giving him puréed carrots to start, but I’m wondering: when is the best time for this ‘meal’ to happen, and […]

Avocado Pear Teething Popsicles

“Welcome to teething” is an understatement. This is no walk in the park. Would you be happy if something was growing out of your gums? No, and this is happening to a tiny 9-month-old baby. Well, little Elle is always so happy. She cracks me up because we get smiles from her all the time; […]

Tea for Tots

All About Tea for Tots As the weather gets cooler, I find myself pouring more and more cups of warm tea—for myself and my kids, too. That’s right! My kids drink tea. Non-caffeinated, of course. But still: I’ve gotten so many strange looks about serving my kids tea that I finally had to look into […]