Valentine’s Day Project

Arts and crafts are our thing. A day in the life of a toddler can start to get boring if you’re forced to stay in the house during bad weather. As for us parents, we are always trying to keep them busy with reading, playing, adventures, being silly, and, in our case, a chance to […]

Food Fight! How Strict is too Strict?

Food, as a topic, is inherently controversial but it’s even more polarizing when people talk about it in relation to their kids. Even feeding at its most primal level, nursing, makes national headlines, ie, this month’s Time Magazine cover. Personally, I think the shock value was absurd and have no problem with a mom’s breast-feeding […]

Ask a Dietician: Sugar Baby

How much is too much sugar? Robin S: I’m very concerned about the amount of sugar my baby is getting from snacks (even “healthy” ones like Gerber food and organic cereals) and juice. How much sugar should our kids be getting and how can us on the go moms feed our kids healthy snacks? This […]