Are You Feeding Your Little One Solids Too Soon?

When did you introduce solids to your Little One? About 90 percent of parents are starting their babies on solids too soon, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics. They recommend babies only feed on breast milk or formula until they’re 6 months old, but about 40 percent of parents start feeding solids before the […]

Lemon Chicken with Quinoa and Parsley

Quinoa and Chicken pack a nice protein punch while providing much needed fiber. Lemon and parsley work together to turn this healthy dinner into something that is sure to delight Baby’s taste buds and have her reaching for more! Lemon Chicken with Quinoa and Parsley Ingredients ½ Cup Cooked Quinoa 1 Cup Cooked Chicken, chopped […]

Introducing Food

Introducing food to your child raises many questions. Dr. JJ has some healthy advice!

Ask Dr. JJ: Introducing New Foods

Veronica W. from Boise, IO Q: I am getting ready to start solids, some people are telling me I should stick with one food (banana or avocado) for a week, some people say 3 days.  Which one is right? A:  Currently there is a disparity of opinion about both the timing of starting solids and […]

Ask the Doc: Baby Refusing Solids

Q: Is it okay that my 9 month-old refuses most foods & prefers a bottle instead? We try multiple times a day to feed her & most times she will not have it? -Nicole P. A: It is so fascinating to observe that babies will show strong preferences early! The bottle (and it’s precious contents) are likely […]