Baby’s Best Bites: Eggs

My ‘Baby’s Best Bites’ series focuses on nutritious, whole ingredients that every parent should know about. These are foods that do a baby good and are easy to incorporate into the whole family’s diet. Check out the other Baby’s Best spotlights: yogurt and avocado. Eggs are magical. They can turn Parmesan into a rich sauce (like in […]

Intro to High-Allergen Foods: Separating Help From Hype in Your Child’s Diet

It’s hard to go a month without spying something in the news about food allergies. Headlines declare that they are on the rise one week and that they don’t actually exist the next. While increased awareness is a good thing, it’s hard to separate the good information from the bad. This confusion seems to have […]

Kicking Picky Eating: Tips and Treats for Healthy Eating

Last month we delved into the nature of picky eating. Understanding why children go through picky phases—and that how we parent can exacerbate or alleviate pickiness—is the first step to making sure that everyone makes it through mealtime unscathed. Well, relatively so. The first step is accepting nature. When it comes to picky eating, evolutionary, […]

Creamy Barley Risotto

This is one of my favorite recipes to make when I’m also feeding a first-time eater. It’s relatively low in fat, high in whole grain fiber and nutrients, packed with veggies, spiked with quality protein, and has some tangy, calcium-rich dairy for good measure. This is truly a one-pot wonder for all ages, and easy […]

A Baby (Food) Story

Hello. My name is Stacie—aka One Hungry Mama—and this is my baby (food) story. My tale is more than a personal account of baby food making. In fact, it’s not about making or serving baby food at all. Rather, it’s the story of how I came to abandon baby food, opting instead to feed my […]