Love Muffins

Spring time: a time for rainy weather, blossoming flowers, and Hallmark cards! Whether you have a love muffin in your life or not, you can still make these delicious muffin recipes that feature easy-to-make purees in their ingredients! Impress your family and friends or whip up a batch for yourself. After all, who says you can’t be  your […]

All Natural and Easy-to-Make Tick Repellent

Just when we were basking in the sunny, warm days of spring after a long, snowy winter, I picked up my daughter to bring her inside to wash up for dinner and spotted the one thing that can stop my love of nature in its tracks: a tick in her ear. The very next day, […]

Fava Bean Puree

I knew that spring had finally sprung when I started seeing fava beans (or broad beans, as they’re also known) at the farmer’s market. They’ve been a culinary staple all over the world for centuries, but now more and more Americans are cooking with them. They’re packed with iron, fiber and protein, so they make a […]

Accidents Happen – What to Have on the Go!

In case you hand’t noticed, it’s spring time , which means it’s time to go outside! But what if you’ve got a little one to worry about? Well, all the more reason to enjoy some fresh air together! Read It’s Spring – Time to Go Outside! for some starter tips on what you should have […]

It’s Spring – Time to Go Outside!

Just the thought of our little ones suffering from scrapes, gashes,or goose-eggs on their noggins will often throw us into a tailspin of fear. God forbid they enter preschool or Kindergarten with a scar – a reminder of our imperfection as parents! SSSTTTOOOPPPP!  Rewind! Let’s get real and realize that our little ones can’t move […]