How to Make Flavorful Kiwi Banana Puree

We all love to treat ourself to a high-end fruit smoothie where you add extra vitamins and supplements that help you justify the overpriced drink you just purchased. Sure, you could’ve made the smoothie on your own. But it’s so much easier to let someone else make you a delicious fruit smoothy. Especially one that […]

Kiwi Smoothie

Mothers teach us SO many things — some would argue everything. For me, childhood trips to the grocery and learning about the general nutritional and health benefits of fruits, vegetables and other foods definitely came from my mother — so did my ability to always find the best bargains (see,. Mom, everything!) I remember the […]

Energy Blaster Smoothie

When a little energy is needed to get some wind back into the sails, this is a great smoothie to whip up! Energy Blaster Smoothie (from pg. 181 of our Baby Bullet Cookbook) Ingredients 1 cup of watermelon 1⁄2 cup of all-natural vanilla yogurt 1 banana 3 ice cubes Instructions Blend all the ingredients together […]