All Natural Sore Throat Remedy

Between our preschooler and our soon-to-be toddler, we as a family have had our fair share of colds this winter, so when I discovered this easy-to-make cold remedy, I was ecstatic (or, as ecstatic as a tired, ailing, stuffy momma can be…) This is a home remedy that can nip a sore throat in the […]

A Parent’s Guide to Fevers

Your child’s first fever can be quite a scary thing – but don’t fear! There are some common symptoms that indicate a totally normal and temporary illness and other symptoms that can indicate something more serious. Take a look at this infographic for more information and the steps you can take when your child is […]

Natural Remedies for Sick Tots

Given that most childhood illness are caused by viruses, parents can manage most of these maladies at home with a few simple tips.  Upper respiratory infections (i.e. the common cold) Symptoms include sneezing, nasal stuffiness, cough (especially when active or lying down), with or without fever. Generally most symptoms will peak around the 3rd or […]

Taking Precautions Against the Norovirus

Norovirus is all over the news and a lot of parents are wondering if this bad intestinal virus is a newcomer; outbreaks have become a hot topic this Winter. From cruise ships to nursing and convalescent homes, daycare centers to schools, hotel banquets to restaurants, Noroviruses have put their nasty stamp on this winter, and […]