Green Bean, Carrot and Rice Purée

As my daughter is getting older, it seems her pickiness about vegetables is getting worse. The only way she will eat them is hidden in a purée, like this green bean, carrot and rice one. I first steam the carrots and green beans and cook a small pot of rice. Once cooked, I blend them […]

Broccoli, Quinoa & Barley Puree

Welcome to the whole grains party! This is one delicious porridge of a puree! Speaking of porridge, when starting out your little ones with food, you may think you want to start the rice cereal route. I mean, we’ve all strolled through the baby food aisle and that’s what they offer you. So, you think that […]

Hawaiian Snapper Puree

Fish is such a wonderful protein for babies, but most parents are intimidated to cook it for their little ones. Even as a child, the only time we had fish was when it was cooked under the broiler and it stunk up the whole house (sorry, Mom)! Most white fish have a more mellow flavor and can […]

Chicken and Corn with Cilantro Puree

I always recommend that you keep a little garden of herbs growing (if your weather permits) so you can trim a few pieces off at times to jazz up a recipe, even if it’s just for baby. Or maybe I should say, especially if it’s for your baby! I feel like we don’t give kids […]

Spiced Lentil Puree

Some people dread cooking beans because they think there are too many steps in the preparation. That’s where lentils come in handy. When mixed with a grain they become a complete protein and lentils are packed with iron, important for the creation of white blood cells and antibodies. The vitamin C from the tomatoes aid […]

Ditch the Baby Cereal?

For years, commercially produced white rice cereal has been a common first food for babies. For many reasons, really: there are few rice allergies, it’s easy to digest, even easier to make and it’s usually fortified with iron, which is considered especially important for exclusively breastfed babies. But that’s not the whole story. Commercially produced […]

Brown Rice Cereal

Like a lot of moms, I started feeding my kids brown rice cereal when they were 6 months old. I never even thought about making it homemade. The baby food companies perform some of their most impressive marketing when it comes to this tried and true first food, because while I bought it by the […]

Spiced Carrot, Brown Rice, and Parsley Puree

Vitamin-packed carrots join fiber-filled and carb-loaded brown rice in this nutritious and flavorful food for your baby to enjoy. Leave some aside, un-pureed, to enjoy for yourself as a lovely side dish to any protein! Perfect for ages: 6-12 months. Spiced Carrots, Brown Rice and Parsley Puree Ingredients ½ Cup Short Grain Brown Rice 1 […]

Mexican Purée

While Cinco de Mayo “may” be over, there’s no reason not to extend the fiesta throughout the year! This purée is full of fiber, antioxidants, and whole grain goodness–muy delicioso! Mexican Puree Ingredients ½ Cup Cooked Brown Rice ½ Cup Cooked Black Beans 1 Tbsp Chopped Fresh Cilantro ¼ Tsp Ground Cumin ¼ Cup Water […]