Dots and Spots, When Your Child’s Rash Requires Medical Attention

  Let’s face it, your child’s skin is perfection. Plump, soft and smooth. So, when a rash affects your baby or child, how do you know if it’s a big deal (requiring a visit to your pediatrician) or something you can manage on your own? After years in the trenches, here are my top 10 […]

DIY Anti-Itch Stick or Spray for Summer

If your kids are anything like mine, this is the time of year when their pediatrician raises an eyebrow at their physical condition and I always fear someone is going to report me to social services or something. Let’s just say, that my kids have A LOT of fun over the summer and this fun […]

Ask Dr. JJ: Chunky Monkey

Kara O. from Toronto, Ont. Q: My baby (who is definitely a little chunky monkey) seems to get red and irritated in some of her creases.  Am I doing something to cause this?  Can I put anything on it? A:  Congratulations on your chunky monkey. Those little Michelin folds are irresistible, however can trap heat, […]