Hand-Painted Letters for Christmas

These hand-painted letters are a meaningful and affordable gift that you can make for children and adults alike! Easy to make, beautiful, and totally personalized, they’re an easy way to cross every gift off your holiday present list. These particular letters were painted for a set of twins turning three. I asked what their favorite […]

Re-Gifting of the Magi

This year we had a bit of a family blow out over our annual tradition of picking names out of a hat for Christmas. We couldn’t come to an agreement about themes, amounts, or what was considered “equitable” gift giving. Rules and regulations were established: there was to be no cheapskating, no re-gifting or any […]

Consider Giving Homemade Gifts this Year

While the holidays are the most wonderful time of the year, they also can become the most stressful and, most definitely, the most expensive. Why not use this holiday season to dip your stocking into natural living? It’s rewarding, cheap, fun, healthful and environmentally-friendly. The best part? You can make some and keep some for […]