Pregnancy Issues: Looking Through a Fun House Mirror

A few weeks ago, I was chatting with a girlfriend about her body image. She’s just entering her third trimester and she basically feels completely mortified by her body. She can’t help but feel like people are staring at her and there is nothing beautiful to her about being pregnant. I sat there listening, thinking, […]

Your Baby Bump – Show and Tell

Preggo No-Nos in the Kitchen!

It’s very easy to maintain a pre-pregnancy and pregnancy diet that is healthy and supports both the needs of mother and baby. But there are few foods and other things around your kitchen that should be avoided in order to reduce risk of abnormal development, miscarriage, or a sick baby (or mom): 1. Big Fish – […]

The Culture of Childbirth

According to Fit Pregnancy magazine, mothers are having slower labors than they were fifty years ago. The National Institutes of Health says that our 6 ½ hour labor is about two and a half hours longer than our grandmothers’. Maternal age, bigger babies, and laboring position could be just some of the causes. Whatever the […]

Motherhood: Boot Camp Pales by Comparison

I got the chance to relive the pregnancy cycle and a baby’s first moments this past April with the birth of my best friend’s first son. She’s had two daughters prior and, over the last eight years, Christina and I have shared our joys and our woes about motherhood. She was the first to get […]

Pregnancy Nutrition Guide

The right balance of vitamins and minerals are essential for every soon-to-be mommy – and not to mention her growing baby! Feed yourself right by including a varied diet rich in whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, nuts and seeds. If you need a hand, check out this handy guide that outlines all the vital nutrition […]

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Mommy and What to Expect blogger Melissa Willets is on her third pregnancy and she’s still experiencing some pretty strange pregnancy symptoms. Strangest among them? Excess saliva. She writes: At first I thought I was just really weird for feeling like I always wanted to spit in the sink (or anywhere even remotely appropriate), but […]