Watermelon Yogurt Popsicles

Entertaining kids during the summer, especially when you live in the desert, can be brutal. With it being so hot, my girls beg for popsicles to keep them cool after playing outside. I try my best to limit the overloaded sugar type popsicles, so we’ve been making our own versions to help! These have a base […]

Blueberry Strawberry Pops

I love this popsicle. It’s so easy to make and makes for a refreshing break in the day. This is perfect for babies who are teething, toddlers who are crazy for a sweet snack (crazy enough to stop and sit to enjoy it!), and even you, mom, to relax in the shade with a moment to yourself. […]

Avocado Pear Teething Popsicles

“Welcome to teething” is an understatement. This is no walk in the park. Would you be happy if something was growing out of your gums? No, and this is happening to a tiny 9-month-old baby. Well, little Elle is always so happy. She cracks me up because we get smiles from her all the time; […]

Red, White and Blue Totsicles

Happy 4th of July! Preparing healthy food and snacks on this holiday is tough – it’s grilling season and the heat might make you want to reach for an ice cold can of pop. But don’t let these circumstances keep your little ones from eating healthy! We’ve got the perfect summertime cool down treat for […]

Whadda Melon Totsicles

This one is going to knock your socks off. Tangy and sweet, it’s a perfect summer treat! You may want to make a double batch.   Whadda Melon Totsicles Ingredients 1 cup of cantaloupe 1 cup of watermelon 1⁄4 cup of water Instructions Add the ingredients to the Batchbowl and blend until smooth. Use the […]