Raspberry Peach Smoothie Bowl

Lately, we have been in a breakfast rut. My daughter and I have the same three breakfasts every week, and we have been getting tired of oatmeal, eggs and banana pancakes. A few days ago, I decided to switch things up and make this raspberry peach smoothie bowl with the fresh peaches we bought at […]

Watermelon Mint Smoothie

It always surprises me how much watermelon my two-year-old can eat! It is her summertime favorite food. We made this watermelon smoothie with fresh mint leaves and peach slices, and when it was all gone we wanted more. It was so delicious and refreshing, especially for these hot summer days. Since the fruit is naturally […]

Raspberry Peach Quinoa Puree

This recipe is so fun and fruity that your baby will love it. It’s great for the 9- to 12-month-old baby. Before you feed your baby raspberries or strawberries make sure they don’t have an allergy. If you have never tried those two yet it is recommended to try this fruit by itself for 2 […]

Peach Puree

I’m from the South and peaches are in season! Even though I’m making these foods for my baby, I can’t wait to take her peach and apple picking. Learning about healthy eating is the key to opening up baby’s palate to a wide array of new foods – even the ones that you yourself may not like. […]

Kiwi Peach Puree

I’ll never forget being a little girl, probably 4 or 5 years old, and riding around in the grocery cart at Winn Dixie, the market near our house. My Mother pushed the cart along and picked up this brown fuzzy thing in the produce aisle. She held it like a jewel and said, “It’s a […]

Banana Pear Peach Puree

One of my favorite things about baby food is that it’s just pure, wholesome and delicious. When these fruits are at their ripest, it’s so heavenly tasting, you don’t need to add anything to this Banana Pear Peach puree. There’s nothing sweeter then a fresh banana, pear or peach. Even at this time of year, […]

Peach & Pluot Puree

The farmers’ market right now is sample heaven. One of the best parts about Sunday mornings for me is that I get a morning off and don’t have to cook breakfast for my kids OR my husband. That’s because most farmers’ markets feature tray after tray of freshly cut-up fruit and vegetable samples that farmers […]

Apricot Peach & Golden Raisin Puree

When you go to farmers markets, you think about getting the freshest produce possible. I could eat peaches and apricots until I’m blue in the face, and truly mourn when the last crop of O’Henry’s finishes for the season. What better way to satisfy a craving than by eating dried peaches and apricots. Make sure […]

Figgy Peach Puree

It is no mistake that figs and peaches are in season at the same time. This “food of the gods” pairs so perfectly with ripe, juicy peaches they must have been a match made in heaven! You’ll want to keep this all to yourself, but be sure to share some with Baby! Figgy Peach Puree […]