10 Reasons Moms Are Awesome

Is it too early for Mother’s Day musings? If it’s wrong, then I don’t want to be right. Yes, the day is near, but mothers need more than just a single day to have their awesome-ness recognized. Speaking not only as a mother, but as a woman who came from a mother (didn’t we all?), […]

Apple Carrot with Quinoa Bites

Just dropped off Elle, my 10-month-old at her grandparents house for the first time (insert crying HERE). This was my husband and I’s first adult trip away from home without our girl. We knew Elle was in good hands and it was only for 4 days, but, yes, I still cried. Before I left and since […]

Mothers, We Are Building Cathedrals

One of my most-beloved possessions is a book about Gothic cathedrals my niece gave me years ago. Inside the book my niece inscribed a lovely message and a link to a Youtube video, of all things. Entitled “The Invisible Woman,” this video absolutely changed my life, how I feel about the 53 years I’ve known […]

Thanks, Mom!

For all the lies you’ve told me, like ‘Disneyland is closed this year,’ and ‘the TV’s broken!’ Ah, Moms. What would we do, where would we be without you? Those lies you told us have made us who we are and, well, we love you anyway. Thanks, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s hoping this video […]

Motherhood: Boot Camp Pales by Comparison

I got the chance to relive the pregnancy cycle and a baby’s first moments this past April with the birth of my best friend’s first son. She’s had two daughters prior and, over the last eight years, Christina and I have shared our joys and our woes about motherhood. She was the first to get […]