Brussel Sprouts, Potato, and Squash Puree

Here is a fun, adventurous recipe for your baby that you can introduce around the 8-9 month mark. I know a lot of babies love potato. It’s so easy to fix and, as adults, you can’t say it’s hard to enjoy a baked potato. Ever since moving back to Texas, I can’t help ordering chopped brisket in my […]

Asparagus, Pear and Honey Puree

I think it’s safe to say that a lot of us parents have had the experience of opening up our fridges and seeing nothing there to feed our baby. After a frustrating day like this, I decided to load up and made a ton of Baby Bullet purees for my daughter Elle. Now, when I open the […]

Turkey and Orange Puree

Yes, I love the holidays, but even randomly throughout the year, I love to bake a fresh turkey from time to time. One of my favorite things? Adding ingredients that I know and love in between the skin of the bird. So good!! My go-to seasonings include thyme, rosemary and lemons. You want the meat nice […]

Hideous Mommy Moments

About a week or so ago, I had such a meltdown in the public bathroom at the local YMCA that I thought I ruptured a blood vessel in my eye and I still felt guilty about it the next day. Yes, my kids were being unruly, loud, and uncooperative. And yes, my son refused to […]

Mango, Oats and Cream Puree

Good morning, baby! Are you hungry? Well, lucky for you, you and your little one can eat and enjoy this recipe together! Think of this recipe as a porridge or cereal. After blending up this puree, it smells and tastes so good! Mango has that perfect sweetness to balance out the oats and the calcium from […]

Weird Pregnancy Symptoms

Mommy and What to Expect blogger Melissa Willets is on her third pregnancy and she’s still experiencing some pretty strange pregnancy symptoms. Strangest among them? Excess saliva. She writes: At first I thought I was just really weird for feeling like I always wanted to spit in the sink (or anywhere even remotely appropriate), but […]