The Letter That Won My Home

The following is an excerpt from a letter I wrote to the current owners of our new house in an effort for them to accept our offer. I share this with the world because: Our home is what shapes us from our earliest years. Everyone should have a good home. For families who move a […]

Superman and Tinker Bell Have a Tea Party

It’s possibly the cutest tea party you’ve ever seen – a tea party with water, that is! Baby Bullet blogger Maia Rodriguez shows us her kids at play for a little bit of Friday fun. Do your kids have tea parties?

My Parenting “Don’t” List

I’ve had many different parents with many different parenting styles over to my house over the years, and it’s a real treat to watch their dynamic. More often than not, it’s the child and not the parent who calls the shots. At dinner time, the child asks for something else to eat. I don’t say […]

The De-Glamorization of Parenthood

I changed my son’s diaper on the ground beside a trampoline today.  Remember when you were pregnant and you thought it mattered where you changed a baby’s diaper?  You put that dark cherry changing table on your registry thinking you couldn’t live without it?  As you go on, modern conveniences like that go out the […]