My Spirited Child

What is a spirited child? A spirited child is more intense, sensitive, perceptive, persistent, and energetic than most. I know this because she kind of gets it from me. And it’s this spiritedness that creates the so-called “terrible twos.” But your toddler isn’t terrible, they’re just becoming aware of their personalities. They might be experiencing a […]

Are You Spoiling Your Little One?

As a new parent, I want the best things for my little baby girl. I love making sure she eats organic, plays with safe toys, and uses eco-friendly products. She’s my first child and I hear it all changes with the second. And I think as they get older, we as parents change, as well. It […]

Valentine’s Day Project

Arts and crafts are our thing. A day in the life of a toddler can start to get boring if you’re forced to stay in the house during bad weather. As for us parents, we are always trying to keep them busy with reading, playing, adventures, being silly, and, in our case, a chance to […]

2-Month-Old Says, “I love you”

This is so spot on, you won’t believe it! Like daughter, like father, the love these two have for one another is as clear as day. Take a look at this video and listen closely. It’s heart warming, whether she says “I love you,” or just goo-goo, gah-gah’s insanely well. Let us know what you […]

Thanks, Mom!

For all the lies you’ve told me, like ‘Disneyland is closed this year,’ and ‘the TV’s broken!’ Ah, Moms. What would we do, where would we be without you? Those lies you told us have made us who we are and, well, we love you anyway. Thanks, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s hoping this video […]

Back It On In!

I am the youngest of five children, so I was always surrounded by many people and given lots of love from the day I was born. I grew up thinking everyone simply adored me. Many a fight took place over who got me the best Christmas present and my weekends were spent jumping from one […]

Season of Love

This Valentine’s Day, the new parent might be feeling a little sleep deprived, a tad frustrated and a bit ridden with new anxieties. Little things become big deals, like “How do I get out the door on time?” or “Can I call into work again today because my baby’s sick?” Here are a few parental […]

DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

So, there is A LOT going on in my life right now and money is getting pretty tight. I stuck to the January Money Diet, as we are COMMITTED to moving this spring (play room, play room, play room!) and our dog just had to have a torn ACL repaired to the tune of $4,000. […]

Make Every Day Valentine’s Day

We are in the throes of an Arctic blast here in Massachusetts! In fact, the temperature was -14 when I left the house for work this morning. It is so cold that my hair actually froze while I was walking from my car into school today. My hair was soaking wet for one simple reason: […]