To Elf or to Not Elf on the Shelf ?

Happy Holidays! Has your Elf come to visit your home yet? Elfy has come to visit our house, all the way from the north pole. If you are asking yourself: “What is this new man-made holiday that they call Elf on the Shelf?” Well, it’s a book that comes with a small stuffed magical elf. […]

DIY Lip Gloss with Your Toddlers

My daughter Elle loves to sit in my lap while I put on my makeup. Of course she wants to imitate and do exactly like her mommy, so I give her a small chap stick to put on her lips while I apply my lipstick. She loves to smear it on, smack her lips in […]

Nothing’s Safe in the Kitchen: Keeping Your Little One in Line (and out of the Trash)

Since becoming a parent, just about every aspect of my life has been thrown topsy-turvy. Every room in the house in the house has been torn asunder. Like a Molière farce, you close one door, he opens another. You put away the pot, turn around, and he’s got the lid over his head making “Oooooo” […]