Doctor’s Advice: Which Foods Can My Baby Eat Raw?

Shari: Many of the recipes call for you to cook veggies and even some of the fruits. Do you have to always cook them? What foods can be left raw and blended in the Baby Bullet to serve? Just started cereal with my 4-month-old this week. Trying to get a plan for next week. Dr. […]

High Tech Injuries

We certainly can’t navigate our world these days without our necessities – a laptop or computer, a cell phone, a tablet, GPS, Bluetooth devices, and a connection to the internet. Without these tools of the modern trade, we feel lost! As humans have evolved, the powers that be probably didn’t have technology in mind when […]

Summertime Safety

Summertime triggers an American ritual: the rolling out of the grills, the dusting off of the patio furniture, and the beginning of BBQ season! Unfortunately, each year, many hungry participants end up bent over the porcelain throne, suffering from the ill effects of grill-side grubbing. Why? With most of us grazing our way through lazy […]

Preggo No-Nos in the Kitchen!

It’s very easy to maintain a pre-pregnancy and pregnancy diet that is healthy and supports both the needs of mother and baby. But there are few foods and other things around your kitchen that should be avoided in order to reduce risk of abnormal development, miscarriage, or a sick baby (or mom): 1. Big Fish – […]

Getting Ready for Baby’s First Class

Whether your young one is entering her first Mommy and Baby class or starting preschool, there are a few things parents can do to prepare for these memorable milestones. If you and  your baby are ready to delve into the Parent and Me/Mommy and Me universe, take a few moments to check out a variety […]

Doctor’s Advice: My Baby Won’t Eat Solids!

Andy: My baby is 6 months old and because of allergies we are just starting with solids. He started the first day eating them so well, but then that night he threw everything up. Now, he doesn’t even want to taste them, no matter what’s on the spoon, fruit or vegetable. What can I do? […]

Doctor’s Advice: Bedtime Feeding

Nadia: My 16-month-old is waking up every night after midnight and she will not fall asleep until I feed her. This impromptu schedule is affecting my beauty sleep pattern. I need an after-dinner or before-bed snack that is healthy and will fill her up until morning. Maybe milk with fruits as a shake or something like that? […]

Doctor’s Advice: Nitrates in Homemade Baby Food?

Dr. JJ recently received two similar questions about homemade carrot purees and their levels of nitrates.  Patti Reid: I am making all of my grandson’s baby food using the Baby Bullet to help my daughter out. His pediatrician has cautioned us about making homemade pureed carrots due to the nitrates. He is now a little […]

Doctor’s Advice: Defrosting Baby Food

Penny: Hello, I was just wondering what the recommendations are for freezing homemade baby food. There are so many different answers out there on the internet! For example, if I make a batch of oatmeal puree for my daughter and freeze it in individual portions, how long will it stay fresh in the freezer? What […]

Baby’s First Medicine Cabinet

Newborns and infants don’t need much. Love, food, dry bottoms and safe transportation comprise the basic needs of a new baby. But what you receive at baby showers or check off on a baby registry can lead you to believe that 250 items are ESSENTIAL for survival. From a mom and pediatrician’s point of view, […]