Cooking with Your Kids

Your Baby Bump – Show and Tell

A Parent’s Guide to Fevers

Your child’s first fever can be quite a scary thing – but don’t fear! There are some common symptoms that indicate a totally normal and temporary illness and other symptoms that can indicate something more serious. Take a look at this infographic for more information and the steps you can take when your child is […]

Digital Nativity – Good or Bad?

Is access to digital technology a plus or minus in your book? Most of us grew up listening to the radio and watching television, but technology is so pervasive nowadays, it’s no longer shocking to see a toddler pressing the screen of an iPhone. But what are the effects of all this technology? This infographic shows us some […]

The Honest Truth about Newborn Babies

Forget IKEA furniture, if anything needs a how-to manual, it’s babies! Taking care of a newborn can be as frightening as anything you’ve ever done. Luckily, the folks at Happy Place created this very honest diagram to help you navigate your newest arrival. What’s one thing you wish you’d known about taking care of your […]

Halloween Safety

As you start to prepare your little ones’ costumes for Halloween, make sure you remember to keep safety precautions at the top of your list! Twice as many child pedestrians are killed when walking on Halloween compared to other days of the year, so take the necessary steps to make sure your child is safe. Have a […]

Let the Kids Run!

As kids spend more time in classrooms and with electronics, they are also consuming more sugar and calories than ever before. This is leading to an obesity epidemic. It’s also been shown that kids need active and creative playtime, along with time spent actually studying, in order to develop their cognitive abilities. With schools cutting […]

8 Tips for Teaching Your Child to Read

One of the greatest joys of parenting is seeing your child use the knowledge he or she has been imparted. Reading a book to your child every night and hearing them read it back to you for the first time can bring tears to any parent’s eyes. Can’t wait for that moment to arrive? Help […]

First Time Parents Guide

Looking for a way to calm a crying baby? Or tips for lugging around a giant carseat? This helpful infographic is here to help first time parents get accustomed to life with their newborn. Check it out and let us know, what’s the greatest piece of advice you received when you first became a parent?

Apples as Baby Food

Apples make an excellent first food for babies. It’s apple season now, a perfect time to pick some lovely fruit straight from a tree, puree it up, and feed to baby for all of his or  her most vital nutrients. And just look at all of its health benefits! Try this delicious Apple Walnut Puree recipe that’s […]