There’s Nothing Glamorous About Parenting

So, last night, without warning, my daughter threw up in the meat department at Stop and Shop. On the floor, on herself, on the cart, on our food, on my purse…the whole nine yards. Thank goodness for the stash of reusable bags with me, as one became not-so-reusable once my daughter was through with it. […]

How to Stop a Baby from Crying

We never knew it could be so simple. Granted, we may not all be Katy Perry fans, but when your little one reacts like this to one of her songs, we think it’s time to put your fandom aside.

Thanks, Mom!

For all the lies you’ve told me, like ‘Disneyland is closed this year,’ and ‘the TV’s broken!’ Ah, Moms. What would we do, where would we be without you? Those lies you told us have made us who we are and, well, we love you anyway. Thanks, Mom! Happy Mother’s Day! Here’s hoping this video […]

Babies React to their First Lemon

Lips puckering and tongues out and arms flailing, oh my! These are some of the cutest reactions yet! Has your baby tried his or her first lemon yet? How did they react?

Monday Pick-Me-Up

When 4-year-old Adelaide couldn’t sleep because of fireworks, her dad Benjamin kept her mind occupied with a little sing along. The result? One of the cutest father-daughter moments caught on YouTube.

Shaq versus a Baby

It’s Shaquille O’Neal vs… a Baby. Who will win this epic battle of shoot outs? Well, we won’t tell you who our money is on, but if you like basketball and you like babies, you’re in for a treat.

Baby’s Playtime – Time Lapse Video

Think your Little One’s a ball of energy? Check out Charles-Edward at 9 months old – this time lapse video shows just how much ground he covers in four hours, all in two minutes.

Inside a Toddler’s Brain

Ever wonder what your little one is thinking about? Writer Melissa Balmain created this map for us and undoubtedly, your child follows it to a T. What do you think is in your little one’s noggin?

5 Perfectly Innocent Things My Toddlers Do That Drive Me Nuts

We love our kids, so we can say this, but sometimes they can drive us NUTS. No one know this better than daddy blogger Jerry Mahoney, who’s got a list of his top 5 kiddo-induced pet peeves, or kid peeves, as he’s aptly called them. They’re entirely innocent and age-appropriate, but that doesn’t keep the […]