Is Your Baby Ready for Solid Foods?

This is so exciting that you are thinking about starting your baby on their first foods. Food can be used as a fundamental way to teach these tiny creatures. Starting this journey of solid food is just like reading to them or playing with colorful toys. The receptors in their brains are hard at work. […]

Doctor’s Advice: Which Foods Can My Baby Eat Raw?

Shari: Many of the recipes call for you to cook veggies and even some of the fruits. Do you have to always cook them? What foods can be left raw and blended in the Baby Bullet to serve? Just started cereal with my 4-month-old this week. Trying to get a plan for next week. Dr. […]

Doctor’s Advice: Pureeing Berry Seeds

Jessica: Hello! I absolutely love making foods for my little girl. She has just started eating pureed foods at 5 months old and she loves everything (except avocados) that she has tried so far. I am curious, though, how to go about pureeing things like strawberries and kiwis. I’m not sure her little insides are […]