Hawaiian Snapper Puree

Fish is such a wonderful protein for babies, but most parents are intimidated to cook it for their little ones. Even as a child, the only time we had fish was when it was cooked under the broiler and it stunk up the whole house (sorry, Mom)! Most white fish have a more mellow flavor and can […]

Halibut with Summer Vegetables

I love making this puree in the summer when all the beautiful vegetables are popping up at the farmers market, but now that it’s a little later in the season, making it can still be a breeze! Use frozen vegetables instead, since these can be easily found organic year-round. The flavors in this recipe are so […]

Veggies & Sole

This recipe is a perfect mix of protein, carbohydrates and vegetables. Most parents that I talk to seem apprehensive about giving their little ones fish because they automatically assume they won’t like it. Not at all! Kenya loved fish from day one and still eats it twice a week and I think it has a […]

Indian Fish for a Growing Tot

When I go out to dinner, I can’t wait to try Mexican, French, Thai, anything and everything that’s new and exciting, especially when it comes to dishes with complex flavors. Why shouldn’t babies be turned on to interesting new tastes, too? In this dish, I combine curry, cumin and coconut, 3 things that turn a […]

That Sounds Fishy…

One of the most common questions I would get in counseling parents about nutrition was about the safety of fish, especially since we live in a sushi-loving universe here in California. I wanted to offer some information and perspective so that fish can remain an integral part of our diets, with safety in mind. For […]

Quickest Yogurt Avocado Sauce

I’m always skeptical of headlines that claim they’ll help you get dinner on the table in 15, 20 or even 30 minutes. The truth is that what takes a professional recipe developer 30 minutes is likely to take the average home cook 40 or 45 minutes. But a few recipes are truly as quick as […]

Ask a Dietician: Protein Intolerance

Devon S.: I have a child who is not allergic to any food, but gets diarrhea and discomfort when she eats proteins of any type (beef, fish, chicken, beans legumes etc). How do we get the needed proteins into her diet while preventing her digestive issues? When a child has an allergic reaction or intolerance […]