First Years Compared

Our second baby just turned one and we couldn’t help but notice the insane differences we’re already seeing between our first and second-borns.¬†Our first son Oliver is a thinker; even as an infant he was calculated and analytical, very cautious. Jake, our second, – not as cautious. Now, we get to experience the joy of […]

Buzz and the Dandelions

A beautiful display of a baby enjoying a dandelion – watch this and try not to laugh!

Baby’s First Car Wash

It’s amazing how many firsts we take for granted. This little guy probably won’t remember his first car wash, but it will live on in the history books! Do you remember your first car wash?

Kayden’s First Rain

Experiencing firsts with our little ones helps open our eyes to the miracle of life – first smile, first steps, even first rain. This video shows us just how precious these moments can be. What was your little one’s first experience with rain like?