Using Family Meals to Prevent Eating Issues

A lot has been published about family meals and picky eating, but the power of family meals goes deeper than that. We’ve even talked here about the positive impact that family meals can have on family dynamics. Lately, though, I have been thinking about the apparent rise of eating disorders among young people (really young […]

Ask a Dietician: Junk Foodie

What to do when your baby eats poorly Tanya N: I have an almost three year-old who thinks its ok to live off of cookies and junk. I try not to feed him that stuff, but the only “real” foods he will eat are chicken, corn, and the odd banana. I give him vitamins, but […]

First Feeding

Every parent has issues. No matter how laid back he or she seems to be, there is always something. For example, my alpha friend Wendy won’t let anyone else put her daughter to sleep. My nail-biting friend Natalie kept the SIDS monitor on the crib until her son was two, and my earthy friend Sarah won’t […]