Work Out While They Play

Work out while your kiddos play. This is a new sentence I am saying to myself while taking my daughter to the park. Especially going to a park on those beautiful days. Sure being at the park makes for a perfect chance to crack open that book or just relax while they play their little […]

Toddler-Sized Yoga

My husband bought a yoga mat from an El Segundo-based company last year after hemming and hawing about the price, but we ultimately decided it was worth it. He practices yoga regularly and we figured we’d all get our money’s worth, so, now, we’re trying to get the whole family involved. I also hoped getting myself a new mat would […]

Let the Kids Run!

As kids spend more time in classrooms and with electronics, they are also consuming more sugar and calories than ever before. This is leading to an obesity epidemic. It’s also been shown that kids need active and creative playtime, along with time spent actually studying, in order to develop their cognitive abilities. With schools cutting […]

Mommy & Me Workout

This is one tough mommy! Maia Rodriguez was headed off to basic training, so she thought she’d do a little basic training around the house with her little ones, Linnea and baby Rowan, in tow. Not only did Mommy get an excellent workout, but her children had fun, too! Watch this video and let us […]