How to Make Flavorful Kiwi Banana Puree

We all love to treat ourself to a high-end fruit smoothie where you add extra vitamins and supplements that help you justify the overpriced drink you just purchased. Sure, you could’ve made the smoothie on your own. But it’s so much easier to let someone else make you a delicious fruit smoothy. Especially one that […]

Hot Chocolate or Hot Cocoa?

I recently had a lively conversation with a handful of colleagues regarding the way geography has tendency to impact what we call things. For example, I never heard the word “bubbler” until I taught in Massachusetts. We call them water fountains in Connecticut. From tag sales vs. yard sales and grinders vs. subs, to jimmies […]

Strawberry Kale Smoothie

What makes me last all day? Eating healthy food! My Baby Bullet is perfect for making baby purees. But why not also use it to make a smoothie for myself and my baby that I can take on-the-go? Elle is 9 months old, which means she is pretty much eating all sorts of food. We watched […]