Don’t Have Time to Bake It? Fake It!

I am guilty of spending hours pouring over websites and magazines, stockpiling ideas that I love and plan on trying. I get so into it that I manage to get myself into a bit of a tizzied panic. Who the heck am I kidding? I barely have time to dry my hair in the morning, […]

I Told My Kids I Ate their Halloween Candy

Jimmy Kimmel is at it again! After Halloween, kids are stoked about their candy earnings, eager to get their hands on all the fun-size candies and chocolates that they can. So, what would happen if you told your little one that you ate all his candy? A temper tantrum for the ages? Or a sweet […]

The Best Costumes of 2014

Let’s be honest, the best part about Halloween is dressing our little ones up in funny costumes. After all, if it were up to baby, they probably wouldn’t dress up as┬áRichard Simmons, but how adorable is it?! Pretty adorable. And this year brought all new costumes to light, including Game of Thrones nods, ebola scares, […]

The Scary Tooth!

Happy Halloween! We hope you all have a safe and happy holiday and stuff your bellies with amazing Halloween goodness! …Well, healthy Halloween goodness, that is. A treat is great once in a while, but don’t let the holiday season bring tricks your way, tricks like obesity or tooth decay for your little one. Have […]