Homemade Birthday Cake Popcorn Balls

I am a baker and bake for a living. I seem to always be in the kitchen. Either I am making some elaborate cake, dessert, or the simple task of cleaning the kitchen after I have destroyed it. We can all say my life revolves around the kitchen. So, while I am baking or even […]

Angel Food Cake

This is one of those dessert recipes that a lot of us are afraid to try! For me, anything with airy egg whites is always intimidating, but this is one of my favorite cakes and I just so happened to be given an angel food cake pan, so the time was ripe! This isn’t as […]

Making Dog Cakes and Treats with the Baby Bullet

Our German Shepherd Lunetta Braun van der Mitzi, also known as “Lulu,” holds a very special place in our hearts. She was the bridge between our carefree lives and our overwhelmingly responsible lives. She also filled a very important and significant void in our lives when we struggled to start a family. So we spoil […]

Ask Dr. JJ: Cake

Jessica P.: I was wondering about giving my child birthday cake on his birthday. He doesn’t really seem to like the next stage of food, the ones with more texture, so I’m not sure he would even eat the cake. Is this okay? Any suggestions on what kind to make?   Dr. JJ: Why not […]