Cheesy Kale Pasta

My toddler is loving chunky foods. She only has 4 teeth, so I have no idea how she eats the chunky food, but she loves it! Especially when she can grab them directly with her fingers. She grabs the food, pops it into her mouth, and before she can even finish chewing, she’s reaching for more […]

Making Artisanal Butter

It never fails: I go into the fridge to retrieve the butter for baking, only to realize that I don’t have an entire stick left or that it is gone entirely. It also never fails that I realize this at a time when running out to get some is not an option. Well, never again […]

Ricotta Cheese Pancakes

Growing up, pancakes were a staple breakfast item in my house. We had it all, from your regular, buttermilk pancakes, to fruit-filled pancakes, to delicious chocolate chip pancakes. My mom would always make heart-shaped pancakes and I thought it must’ve been the hardest thing to do. On birthdays, we were in for a treat when our heart-shaped […]

Apple Almond Butter Puree

Fresh apple slices with peanut butter isn’t just for the big kids anymore! Here is a smooth (and peanut-free!) take on this childhood favorite made especially for your wee ones starting around 10 months old. Apple Almond Butter Puree Ingredients 2 Gala, Pink Lady, or Fuji Apple, peeled and cut into 1-inch cubes 2 Tsp […]