The Emergency Car Pack

As parents, we’ve all been in a situation that plays out something like this. You’re driving in your car, your toddler is completely content in their car seat, and you find yourself actually enjoying the tunes humming from the radio. A cute little voice from the backseat breaks the silence with a request. “Mommy, I […]

Reading is the

As every new parent (hopefully) knows, it’s important to read to your kids as early as possible. Even while your baby is in the womb, reading out loud can help them recognize your voice. As soon as they’re born, start reading to them out loud and often. They say babies can actually retain words and […]

Let Freedom Ring: The Power of Black History Month

At some point it dawned on me that, since moving to Washington D.C., we are in the heart of our nation’s Capital and are surrounded by its history everywhere we turn. It just so happened that on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, we found ourselves in the National Mall during the Peace Walk. How do […]

50 of the Best Books for Parents

Who said children don’t come with instruction manuals? These books are some of the best child rearing guides around, so if you’re pregnant or raising a little one, be sure to read up on everything you need to know. (Click to enlarge.)

The Most Loved Children’s Books

You probably remember your favorite book growing up as a kid. The Very Hungry Caterpillar? Good Night Moon? Encyclopedia Brown? If you remember it, then chances are you know how important reading and literature are to young, developing minds. Share this with your children by reading with them, encouraging them to read on their own, […]

Voracious Readers: Books to Foster Your Kid’s Love of Food

Raising a good eater takes more than finding good recipes. Experiencing the joy of delicious food helps children develop healthy eating habits for sure, but any parent can tell you that something kiddo likes one day will be rejected by them the next. Much as we’d like one, there’s no secret, super-power recipe that will […]