Homemade Birthday Cake Popcorn Balls

I am a baker and bake for a living. I seem to always be in the kitchen. Either I am making some elaborate cake, dessert, or the simple task of cleaning the kitchen after I have destroyed it. We can all say my life revolves around the kitchen. So, while I am baking or even […]

We’re All Just Doing Our Best

My son turned 7 last month and I’m still reeling over the fact that, yes, it really does go by so quickly. All of those adages about time flying seem all too real, which would be more heartbreaking if it weren’t for the fact that the person my son is becoming is just so darn […]

Letting Go (Just a Little…)

Ever since my oldest daughter started first grade – about six months ago – it’s been a study for me in letting go. She’s really becoming her own person, complete with her own opinions and her own style. Last year when she turned six, she begged me for an American Girl party. At first, I […]

Claire’s Happy Birthday Message

This little girl’s adorable birthday message to her mom was probably one of the best birthday presents she’s ever received. At almost 2 million views, she’s also quite the YouTube star now! Watch – and just try not to smile!

Ask Dr. JJ: Cake

Jessica P.: I was wondering about giving my child birthday cake on his birthday. He doesn’t really seem to like the next stage of food, the ones with more texture, so I’m not sure he would even eat the cake. Is this okay? Any suggestions on what kind to make?   Dr. JJ: Why not […]