‘Tis the Season to be Crafty

Well, the holiday season is upon us! Whether you regard it with enthusiasm and glee or with apprehension and anxiety, the truth is that all the decorating, buying, wrapping, partying and entertaining can be A LOT to handle! On top of the time and energy we devote to the holiday season, the money spent can […]

Garden Variety Vinegar

I am fairly convinced that distilled white vinegar is the nectar of the gods! I fell in love with vinegar when I purged my home of all toxic chemicals and cleansers years ago and I have never looked back. If I have a particularly yucky or potentially disease-spreading spill, I do keep a spray bottle […]

Tiny Plots for Tiny Tots

One of the best parts of living New England is watching the slow process of spring unfolding before our eyes. The very last bit of snow melted from the yard this weekend and the crocuses are starting to free themselves from the frozen ground. As most gardeners can attest, this is the most exciting time […]

DIY Valentine’s Day Ideas

So, there is A LOT going on in my life right now and money is getting pretty tight. I stuck to the January Money Diet, as we are COMMITTED to moving this spring (play room, play room, play room!) and our dog just had to have a torn ACL repaired to the tune of $4,000. […]

Make Every Day Valentine’s Day

We are in the throes of an Arctic blast here in Massachusetts! In fact, the temperature was -14 when I left the house for work this morning. It is so cold that my hair actually froze while I was walking from my car into school today. My hair was soaking wet for one simple reason: […]

Don’t Rush Me!

I admit, I am routinely criticized for not ruling my children with more of an iron fist. I don’t even know what an iron fist is, but it sounds mean and hard and cold. I will Google it. Regardless of what it means, I am always surprised at how hard we are on kids. I […]