Dr. JJ Recommends First Foods for Babies

  Once you’ve decided that your baby is ready for solid foods, it’s time to decide which solid foods to feed your baby. Starting with sweet fruit and vegetable purees is the way to go; take a listen to see what else our lovely pediatrician Dr. JJ has to say!

Ask Dr. JJ: The H Word

What to do when your baby uses hurtful language Kelly B.: My grandson keeps telling my daughter that he HATES her. She is very upset and could use some pointers on how to handle this correctly. My guess is that your grandson uses this phrase when your daughter is telling him no, or not giving […]

Dr. JJ: Transitioning to Solids

Anne: I’m currently nursing my 4-month old infant and want to make preparations for him when he becomes interested in solid foods. How do I continue nursing and incorporate purees into his feedings? I know I have to mix my milk with the puree, but I don’t want have to pump out the milk because […]

Ask Dr. JJ: Teething

  Bethany G: My 8 month old seems to have rash on his left cheek out of nowhere. I noticed the other day that he started to get it on his belly too and some were little bumps that look like pimples. My mom suggested that it could be because he is teething again. Do you […]

Ask Dr. JJ – Head Banging

Stephanie B: My 10 month-old preemie sometimes hits her head when she cries. Is this just her way of letting us know something is wrong or is it a sign of a neurological disorder? Best to discuss this with her primary health care provider, especially if there are any concerns about her development. Because of […]

Ask Dr. JJ : Soft Spot

Pamela S.G. of Ottowa, ON: How do I know if my son’s soft spot is too sunken in? He is two months old and is not dehydrated, but his spot seems deeper than usual. Will it fix itself? The soft spot (also called the fontanelle) is the skulls “maternity stretch panel,” so as your baby’s […]

Ask Dr. JJ: Motor Skills

Justine H from Timmons, ON: What activities should I be doing with my 9 month-old daughter to help develop her motor skills? 9 month-olds are typically on the go!  At that point most are crawling or motoring some way across the floor (wriggling, scooting), and the most precocious are pulling to stand, cruising upright while […]

Ask Dr. JJ: Tongue Tied

Kelly L of Normal, IL: I’m not sure what it’s called, but my 4 month-old son’s piece of skin that connects his tongue to the bottom of his mouth connects all the way to the top of his lower gum. Will this cause a speech problem when he gets older? Will it need to be […]

Ask Dr. JJ: Introducing New Foods

Veronica W. from Boise, IO Q: I am getting ready to start solids, some people are telling me I should stick with one food (banana or avocado) for a week, some people say 3 days.  Which one is right? A:  Currently there is a disparity of opinion about both the timing of starting solids and […]

Ask Dr. JJ: Cradle Cap

Miranda L. from Piedmont, CA Q: Why do babies get cradle cap?  Does it hurt? Should I do anything? A:  Around 4-8 weeks of life, newborns have a “mini puberty.” They naturally develop increased hormone levels for several weeks in order to finish the process of development of testes and ovaries before their reproductive organs […]