Edamame, Orange, and Avocado Puree

My daughter loves edamame. She likes to squeeze the little pods until the edamame pop out, making her my little kitchen helper. I love this recipe because I can use the ingredients to make two meals, one could be my toddlers lunch with the orange slices, avocado and edamame all ready to eat while the other option […]

Asian Baked Tofu and Eggplant

Ahh, a healthy, simple and filling protein-packed recipe for baked tofu that the whole family can enjoy. Is it too good to be true? This recipe says no! In fact, even my toddler ate this one up. This recipe comes from PBS Food; I made some minimal adjustments, doubling the sauce recipe, substituting half of […]

Japanese Peas and Carrots

Nutrient-rich edamame and savory, nutty sesame bring an Asian flair to this classic pairing of peas and carrots. Your little one will delight in the rich flavors and you’ll delight in the knowledge that you are feeding him plenty of protein, iron, vitamin k, fiber and calcium. Japanese Peas and Carrots Makes 1 cup Good […]