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One of the things I love about writing for Baby Bullet is I feel like I’m reaching a crowd of men and women who are thoughtful about the food they put into their bodies. You’re also thoughtful about the food you put into your babies’ bodies. I’m assuming that, if you’re the owner of a Baby Bullet, you’re the kind of person who doesn’t just take what’s handed to them in life. Maybe you don’t trust labels? Maybe you’re someone who thinks outside of the box? And while I sit here at my computer typing an article to you – a person whom I may have never met – I figure we have something in common. We care about food. We care about health.

This season, “The Biggest Loser” is tackling childhood obesity. And if you have read any of my other articles here, you’ll know that’s a target issue for me. I’m watching these kids and I’m hearing their stories. I empathize with them and want desperately to see them succeed. In one interview, a mother said it was hard not to blame herself for her son’s weight problems.

This is true. We do need to have these discussions. And while we don’t need to sit around and point fingers, as parents, we know we have a responsibility in our children’s health. The January 17th posting on Baby Bullet tackles whether or not picky eating is a social construct. I find this kind of discussion fascinating. Before becoming a parent, I swore I would never give my children processed sugars. Fast forward five years later and all my kids want is one more treat! What have I created? More importantly, how can I infuse a healthy lifestyle with good eating choices on my children without giving them a complex? It’s a fine line we dance. But if you’re reading this, and if you’re using these kinds of products, my guess is that you’ve thought about this before and, if nothing else, you’re choosing to lead by example. And for that, I salute you.



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"Military Mom" Maia Rodriguez was born in Cleveland, Ohio, but that was about twenty homes ago. After graduating from Syracuse University with a BFA in Musical Theater, she traveled just about everywhere in the country, lived in a green turtle-like tent for 6 months, toured and slept in the back of her van and even worked in Japan for a year. Then she met her husband who tamed her (ha!) and they embarked together on the adventure of parenthood in southern California where she worked as a professional pirate. Now, two children later, the family currently resides in VIrginia, where she sings for the US Navy as a vocalist. When she’s not mothering, she’s writing music for "Evernight," singing and writing for the Baby Bullet Blog.

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